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Wife Made Her Husband Cry During Staged Photoshoot

A young woman in Wisconsin found an incredibly sweet and novel way to deliver the news to her husband that they are expecting a baby — and she managed to get it all on camera, too.

Brandon Dow, 26, thought he was participating in a simple loved-up couples’ photoshoot with his wife Brianne earlier this month, and came prepared only to take a few romantic pictures.

The Eau Claire, Wisconsin, native had no idea that his 24-year-old partner planned to reveal that he was about to become a father.

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Surprise, daddy! Brianne Dow surprised her husband Brandon with news that she is pregnant

Just smile! The Wisconsin resident staged a photoshoot with her wedding photographer, Samantha Boss

Brianne had hired their wedding photographer, Samantha Boos, for the shoot, telling her husband that she’d won a free photo session.

The two women discussed the plan in advance, leaving Brandon out of the loop when he turned up to the park that day.
When Samantha arrived, she came prepared with two shabby-chic framed chalkboards, and had twosome stand back-to-back.
‘I told them to write three words that describe each other on their chalkboards,’ Samantha explained on Facebook.

The plan… Samantha told Brandon and Brianne to write three nice words about each other on individual chalkboards, after which they’d turn around and reveal what they wrote

Not expecting this! When Brandon turned around and saw Brianne’s pregnancy announcement, he was very surprised

Something to remember: The emotional moment when he found out he’s going to be a father was caught on camera

While Brandon scribbled away, Brianne gave a sly smile to the camera and lifted a finger in front of her lips, indicating she had a secret. Her board had been written in advance, not with three nice adjectives but instead her very special announcement.

Samantha snapped individual images of their chalkboards before finally telling the couple to turn around and face each other.
‘Brandon’s reaction was priceless when he read her board,’ Samantha said.

Showing off the photos on her own Facebook page, Brianne said that keeping the secret from her husband was tough, but it was ‘so worth’ it for the beautiful pictures.

Mor enews on the way… Their baby is due in February, and they are waiting to learn the sex at a September ultrasound appointment

Popular: The viral photoshoot has been liked on Facebook over 250,000 times

‘This is when I told Brandon about our little bundle of joy,’ she wrote. ‘He had NO idea what was going on. ‘
Since then, the adorable photos have earned plenty of attention on Facebook, where they’ve been liked over a quarter of a million times.

‘Baby Dow’, as the couple is now referring to their unborn child, is due February 11, and Brandon and Brianne expect to learn the sex at an ultrasound on September 26.

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