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This Guy Skydives To Collect Fresh Air And Then Sells Them For $290 Per Bottle

German-born Jakob Aungiers, 25, reckons the purity of the air at 15,000ft will appeal to people living in congested and polluted cities

A high-flying entrepreneur has launched a new business selling bottled fresh air which he captures on skydives – for £199 each.

Optimistic Jakob Aungiers, a semi-pro skydiver, holds a little glass bottle downwards while plunging to the ground at 160mph.

He quickly pops a cork in the 250ml container before opening his parachute and landing safely down with the bottled product.

Video Credit: Jakob Aungiers
German-born Jakob, 25, reckons the purity of the air at 15,000ft will appeal to people living in congested and polluted cities.

He also hopes some will snap them up for their “symbolic” significance.

Jakob, a finance worker who lives in Brixton, south London, came up with the idea after clocking up 700 jumps since taking up skydiving seven years ago.

He launched ‘Bottled At Altitude’ complete with its own website two months ago.

He is offering bottles at an introductory price of £99 but says they will soon shoot up to £199.
Jakob claims to have sold ‘a couple’ of his air bottles so far but insisted: “It’s still early days.”

And he defended the sky high price tag, saying: “It’s not just a bottle of air”.

He said: “Physically it is, but you are getting a premium product.

“It has got that little bit of spiritual and symbolic value.”
PAY-Fresh-air (1)
He said: “I read last year about some guy going around the countryside with a net and collecting air like that to sell, and I thought that’s great, but I can do one better than that.

“Air in the countryside is fresh, but not quite as fresh as air from two and a half miles up.

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“For people living in polluted cities like London or Manchester – or even New York and Hong Kong – to have a little bottle of freshness and pureness is brilliant.

“Just to have that freshness and pureness in your house in their house can help, or even to have that there to open in a time of need.

“Also, it is something that take a bit of time and effort and determination and bravery to do, so it has that value.”

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Jakob is a certified British Parachute Association skydiving freeflying coach, competing nationally.

He jumps from a plane above Sibson Airfield in Peterborough, Cambridshire, most weekends and only does one bottle per jump – as he needs a spare hand to pull his parachute.

Each jump is filmed on a Go Pro camera and the buyer gets the film as well their bottle of air.

This is not the first time a businessman has tried to make a living by selling hot air.

A British businessman says he has made nearly £16,000 selling bottles of fresh-air to China for a breath-taking £80 a pop.

Earlier this year, Leo De Watts, 27, claimed he had made nearly £16,000 selling British air to customers in Beijing and Shanghai.

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