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#4 Shalane McCall

Brad Pitt had some questionable dating choices, Shalane McCall being one of them. The reason we say that is not because she is not beautiful, because, look at her, she clearly is. We say this because the couple began their love affair when McCall was 15 and Pitt was 25 years old. Brad met the teenager in 1987 while acting together. The show, which was titled Dallas, was a huge success and McCall ended up being Pitt’s first on-screen kiss, and as we all know it sure as hell wasn’t his last. The relationship was not long-lived and very few details in regard to it have been exposed. However, there is some sort of proof of their relationship. Numerous photos of the two are all over the internet, and even if the ones above appear to be of a promotional nature, it still shows the two getting close.

It is safe to say that McCall hit her career peak at fifteen when she was dating Brad Pitt. The actress has since stepped away from show business, and of course she stepped away from Mr.Pitt as well.

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