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#2 Geena Davis

Before we get too deep into this list, let us just say that Pitt has a bit of a dating pattern, he dates women he makes out with on screen, and Geena Davis was one of those women. Rumor has it that the couple dated for a little over a year and kept it secret the entire time. The pair never walked a red carpet together, or even went public with their relationship. The two worked together in 1991 on the incredible movie Thelma and Louise, which ended up becoming the movie that launched Brad Pitt into being viewed as a sex symbol.

For those of you who have seen the movie, you know exactly which scene we are talking about. Davis went on to have a pretty good career, appearing in shows like Grey’s Anatomy and films like In a World. Davis is also part of the cast for the television show The Exorcist, which is currently in post-production. Although Thelma and Louise was considered Pitt’s breakout role, the actor was only paid $6,000 for his part. I think it is safe to say since then he has earned quite the raise.

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