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#10 Claire Forlani

In 1998, Claire Forlani co-starred with Brad Pitt in the fantasy film Meet Joe Black. The two did not try to make their relationship a secret, showing up to the film’s premiere hand in hand. Forlani has a unique beauty and a captivating essence, which is probably what Brad Pitt was attracted to. Currently Forlani is filming a tv movie titled Crystal Inferno and has appeared in films like Another Me and Precious Cargo. The couple dated for more or less a year and it is also said that his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston was his rebound girl after he and Forlani called it quits. Not much besides what was previously mentioned is known about their time together. That being said, we do know that Forlani is a knockout and worked on set with Pitt, which seems to be his idea of a perfect match.

Önceki Resim
Sonraki Resim

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