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Thai tree bears fruit in the shape of women

A sacred tree in Thailand which bears fruit in the shape of young women appears to have been captured on camera. Footage of the suggestively shaped green fruits has divided social media, leaving some shocked but others less convinced.

Details on the story are scarce, but some have suggested the clip depicts a Nariphon, a holy Buddhist tree which grows the fruit of young female creatures.

According to Thai folklore, a god named Indra planted the trees in a forest called Himaphan so the creatures could protect his wife.
There are said to be a number of Nariphon pods stored in Luang Pho Jarun at Wat Ampawan In Singburi Buddhist temple near Bangkok.

Images from the temple show what appears to be the bodies of two small black creatures stored on a shrine in the sanctuary.
But interest in the Nariphon has led to a number of hoaxes, leading many to deem the latest vision is fake.

Source: Dailymail

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