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Strangers Stared, But No One Could Stop Him From Bringing Her To Tears

A flower vendor on a New York subway was moved to tears by a young man who bought all of her roses for the passengers on the train, handing over $140, before asking her to pass out the blooms to his fellow commuters.

The man’s kind act of generosity was caught on camera and posted as a YouTube clip entitled ‘Miracle on the 6 train today’, which begins by showing him approaching the vendor to inquire about the price of her flowers.

The vendor explains that she prices the brightly-colored flowers at just one dollar each and $11 for a dozen. She also says she has 140 in the bunch, to which the man replies: ‘I’ll give you $140 for the whole thing.’

Taken aback, the woman laughs awkwardly at the request before the man adds: ‘But you have to do me a favor. You’ve got to give them out.’

Claiming that ‘it’s a nice day to be nice’, the well-dressed donator then insists that the vendor stops selling her flowers for the day, and instead asks that she ‘give them all away’ to his fellow passengers on the train.

Realizing what the man is doing, the vendor bursts into tears.

‘Don’t be like that,’ he says, comforting her while the other passengers look on. ‘It’s a happy day.’


The last thing the man says is: ‘Now you just give them out. Promise me you’ll give them out,’ and shakes the vendor’s hand before vanishing off the train.

In total shock over the stranger’s generous request, the vendor is overwhelmed and spends several seconds sobbing before regaining enough composure to shout: ‘Anybody who wants a rose you, can come and get one!

‘Free roses, help me out guys.’

‘That’s fantastic!’ says one onlooker, while another attempts to console the sobbing woman. No one is seen to take her up on her offer before the clip ends.

The video, filmed by New York resident Maria Lopez in 2013, gained media momentum recently after finding its way onto Reddit, and now has over three million views on YouTube.

The vendor and the generous man have yet to be identified.

Source: DailyMail

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