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She Went From X-Factor Reject To Internet Millionaire By Doing THIS.

Growing up poor at times can make people feel this is the only life for them. The hope and dream that things can be better is enough of a push for someone to work hard. It may take time and the decisions the individual takes may not be approved by everyone but when the drive is there, no one can stop them.

One young woman did not see herself as a singer but the opportunity for a better life pushed her to audition for the United Kingdom’s edition of X Factor. She was certainly not the most talented or refined of the competitors and she stood out among the others. Nonetheless, the woman who went by the name of Chloe Mafia was focused.

Chloe may have turned out to be one of the show’s most controversial contestant but it’s what she did with her life afterwards that has left everyone speechless.

In the 2010 edition of X Factor, Chloe Mafia audition for a spot in the show.

She was not taken seriously by her fellow contestants and viewers. Nonetheless, Chloe knew she had to fight hard for herself and her young daughter.

She grew up in a housing project in Northern England with her mom.

She moved around a lot with her mom. Chloe remembers her mom struggling to pay the bills. One Christmas all the family had to eat was, “beans on toast for dinner.”

Chloe was dubbed “Britain’s biggest chav.”

Chav is a derogatory word used in the UK to describe someone deemed to be of lower class. It is also used to mock the less than refined British behaviour as well as someone who wears fake designer clothes.

Simon Cowell reportedly could not stand Chloe but the other judges gave her a chance.

She was kicked out of the show because of her lack of singing abilities. The press also accused her of having a drug problem and working as an escort.

Chloe Mafia who now goes by her real name Chloe Khan moved to Los Angeles, California.

The 24-year-old and her daughter Destiny started a new life in the United States.

The young woman now lives the high-life of travelling the world and meeting celebrities.

She runs her own company where she employs about 50 women.

She dated John Gray, the CEO of the strip club chain Spearmint Rhino.

John made Chloe the face of the Spearmint Rhino. The former couple met at the Playboy mansion. Chloe modelled for the magazine.

Chloe has also had plastic surgery; she had her nose thinned out and had her breasts augmented to a 32HH.

“The transformation wasn’t overnight. I didn’t go from being a chav clown to an LA princess – it has been a long journey,” says Chloe of her more glamorous look.

Her lifestyle gives her the freedom to travel and live in the United States and England. She lives in a six-bedroom mansion in California. She also gifted her mom with a new house.

“My lifestyle is pretty incredible now; it’s mansions and private jets and everything else that I could only imagine when I was younger,” admits Chloe.

Chloe runs a webcam business where she strips in front of the camera.

She reportedly made over £1million last year alone.

She admits people have not taken her seriously in the past, often mocking her cruelly.

“If people saw me in my teenage years they would think that I was going nowhere,” says Chloe who has been compared to Kim Kardashian in the past.

Although life has not always been easy, Chloe was determined to make a name for herself.

“At the time it was a nightmare but I am now glad that I went through it. It’s like I’m watching somebody else when I see clips of myself as Chloe Mafia,” explains Chloe of her X Factor experience.

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