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9Get closer: Convinced the shark was not easily spooked, she decided to move in

‘Many people fear sharks and have unfortunately only seen them portrayed on TV and in films as mindless man-eating machines,’ she lamented in a posting on the website for Water Inspired – an underwater photography company that raises awareness for shark conservation.
‘In truth, sharks are intelligent, calculated and generally very cautious about approaching humans,’ she continued.
Ramsey said she began free diving with sharks at the age of 14. The longest she can stay underwater for without oxygen is 5 min and 45 seconds.
Growing up in Hawaii and San Diego she was constantly in the water and she now shares her love of the ocean and its inhabitants by teaching scuba, diving and surfing.
The soft-spoken scuba instructor also works to protect sharks, which she fears are being killed off at an alarming rate given their reputation as aggressive killers.
‘Sharks do need to be respected as wild animals and appreciated for their role as top predators in the ocean ecosystem,’ she said.

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