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Meet the real-life Rapunzel who refuses to cut her hair

The fairy tale “Rapunzel” tells the story of a pretty, young thing with her ridiculously long hair who wasn’t able to go around flaunting it because her father locked her in a tower.

One, we think that’s totally rude. And two, if you’ve got the hair THAT long, then you deserve to show it off! And that’s exactly what Dasha Gubanova, the modern-day real-life Rapunzel, is doing.

Fans have suggested that Dashik should donate her hair for wigs, but she’s already got that plan in place.

On Instagram she wrote: “This post is for those who say that I should donate their hair for wigs. In 14 years, I cut a scythe. And donate hair for wigs.”

“Today, I grow hair. My goal is to grow them to toe. (Sorry for my English) [sic].”

On her Instagram page , Dashik posts countless photographs of her hair in different styles, all highlighting just how long it is.

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In many pictures, she ties her long locks into plaits and has received an overwhelming amount of positive comments from fans.

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