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Got black or red bed sheets? You may want to get rid of them

If you have ever been plagued by bedbugs, or even if you haven’t, you might want to consider the colour of your bed sheets.
Well, at least that is the theory behind a new study which suggests that, much like the humans they feast on, bedbugs have some colours they like and others they don’t.

According to the research published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, the insects prefer to take shelter in black and red materials but hate green, yellow and white.

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It is a taste that develops as the bedbugs enter adulthood, and might have something to do with their fondness for dark places but not, as you might guess, because red is the same colour as blood.
Author of the study, Corraine McNeill, from Union College in Lincoln, told Newsweek it is more likely because they have a reddish exo-skeleton, therefore the colour suggests the presence of other bedbugs.

Red might indicate the presence of more bedbugs (Picture: Getty)

Red might indicate the presence of more bedbugs (Picture: Getty)

Alternatively, the creatures hate green, yellow and white, because those colours are usually found in well lit areas, where bedbugs don’t like to hang out.

But your next move doesn’t have to be as drastic as buying new bed sheets, the entomologist said.

Bedbugs tend to shelter in dark areas and don’t use colour to seek out your blood.

Instead, the scientists suggest the data could be used to inform trap makers on what colours to use.

Since most traps are white, maybe black or red might prove a more effective option, she said


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