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Get Rid Of The Toxins From Your Feet

1 Why Do Toxins Build Up In The Body?
These toxins get accumulated in the body by unhealthy eating habits, like consistent eating of processed foods and saturated fats. We even inhale toxins when we step out in polluted air, and they accumulate in our body if we do not exercise.

2 Ionic Detox Foot Baths
Ionic foot baths are also a popular to detoxify the body by extracting toxins from your feet. These ionic baths use positive and negative ions in warm water with salt, which are produced by an electrical method.

Ionic detox baths work on the principal of ionizing warm salt water with alternating polarities.
Your body starts to remove toxins while your feet are soaking and this cleanses out the toxins through your feet.

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3 Foot Detoxification
Overtime our body accumulates toxins and you might be surprised to know that you can effectively get rid of them through your feet, without even cutting down on specific foods from your diet.

Moreover, foot detoxification is known to be one of the safest methods of detoxification.
There are various kinds of foot detox procedures, both homemade and electric, which include foot detox pads and detox foot spas.

Employing these methods in your life can lead you to a healthier self and will cleanse your body naturally.

4 Foot Detox Pads
Food detox pads are generally available at almost all health food stores and are made from tree and bamboo extracts.
Foot detox pads, also popular as foot detox patches. They first originated in Japanese culture and are quite simple and easy to use.The best way to use them is applying the foot detox pads while going to sleep and removing them in the morning when you wake up.

Generally, the pads get darkened with the toxins removed from your body after an overnight usage. People who use foot detox pads feel less exhausted, less joint pain, and fewer headaches.

5 Water Color Explanation

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