24 February 2016 0 Comments A+ A-

Facebook changes its ‘Like’ button, unveils ‘Reactions’

On Wednesday, a Facebook rolled out a new update that allows users to react in five different ways outside the classic “like.”

To access these new reactions on a computer, hover your mouse over the “like” button on a post.

For the mobile app, you’ll need to download Facebook’s latest update.

Tap and hold the like button on your mobile Facbeook app to access the new reaction emojis.
Once you have the latest update, tap and hold the “like” button on a post. Six different emoticons will appear — a heart for “love”, a laughing face for “haha”, a gasping face for “wow,” as well as “sad” and an “angry” face.

For years, users have requested a “dislike” button as an alternative for the “like” on Facebook for posts that may be frustrating or somber. Instead, the Facebook team is offering “sad” or “angry” reactions for posts that aren’t so positive.

Facebook users in Ireland and Spain were the first to try out the new reactions last fall.

Facebook product manager Chris Cox said the company “studied which comments and reactions are most commonly and universally expressed across Facebook, then worked to design an experience around them that was elegant and fun.”

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