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Dinner In The Sky : Check Out The Most Amazing Restaurant Ever

What is the best place you have been to for having dinner? I bet its no match for what you are going to see now. Apparently, you can have dinner in the sky in approx 45 countries including Australia, Japan, India, Dubai, South-Africa, Brazil, United States, Mexico, Canada and China.

Yes, you read that right. A flying dinner table baptizes the Dinner in the Sky which can serve as the venue for people looking for an exciting dining experience. A fun, high-flying way to experience fine dining in an exhilarating setting that offers unparalleled views of the skyline. Here is how it feels to be on the top:

They suspend up to 22 diners in the air by a giant crane, where a chef prepares their meal.

The table is lifted to a height of 165 feet with the support of a telescopic hydraulic crane which can carry up to 120 tons, which is almost 15 times the gross weight of the 9×5- metre table, including party members.

Patrons, who are held in place by seatbelts, are served by three brave waiters as they make the most of the spectacular views of their chosen location.

Each seat can recline and rotate 180 degrees in order that diners can fully appreciate the experience.

The chef, waiters and an entertainer work from the safety of the centre of the table, which is fitted with a small oven to prepare the food.

The safety standards are the toughest in the world. Every cable is doubled, every attachment is certified with special warning system.

The experience is unforgettable.

You can enjoy the Sunset

Or bask in the beauty of Night.

Or you can get the best seat in a concert while you dine.

You can even get married in the sky.


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