Stray Dog Kicked By Driver Returns With A Pack Of Friends To Trash His Car

11 December 2016 0

A man in Chongqing, China has been repaid for literally kicking a dog out of his parking spot with some strange but fitting revenge – the dog later returned with a bunch of his friends and proceeded to trash the car, chewing up the fenders and wipers. The driver might not ...

10 Cats That Got Famous For Their Awesome Fur Markings

11 December 2016 0

Cats are the undisputed lords of the internet. They make almost anything funnier and cuter, and they incidentally make great pets and friends as well. We’d like to take this opportunity to pay homage to our internet overlords by showcasing some of the most interesting cat ...

80-Year-Old Man Builds A Dog Train To Take Rescued Stray Dogs On Adventures

08 December 2016 0

Eugene Bostick, an 80-year-old retiree in Fort Worth, Texas, spends his days operating what just might be the coolest train in the world. His homemade dog train takes rescued strays out for fun rides around the neighborhood and in the surrounding woods. Eugene and his ...

Old Faithful: Warm And Intimate Photos Of Really Old Dogs

06 December 2016 0

Toronto-based photographer Pete Thorne has been shooting a series of studio portraits of dogs. Not just any dogs, though: Thorne is only accepting subjects that are “really, really old.” The project is titled “Old Faithful,” and now includes over 50 dogs. Thorne says that he ...

This Badass Hawk Just Sparked The Most Intense Photoshop Battle Ever

01 December 2016 0

It was an epic story from start to finish. Animal enthusiast Clint Ralph, 53, was visiting Giant’s Castle in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, with his son. They were there to photograph the Bearded Vulture but spotted a jackal hawk and turned their lenses towards it. This ...

8 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your Cat

08 November 2016 0

DON’T EVER DO THESE THINGS TO YOUR CAT With a cat or two around the house, even the most dedicated pet parent may slack off and take Kitty’s presence for granted. Even the simplest oversight may have big consequences on your cat’s well being and quality of life. Here ...

Horse Who Fell Into Deadly Pit Gets Rescued In Nick Of Time

21 October 2016 0

#1 A Trapped Horse The city police of Dagua, Colombia received a call that a horse had fallen into a sand grinder…

People Thought This Dog Was Grieving For Her Owner Until They Noticed What Was Underneath

26 September 2016 0

#1 At first glance it appears that this dog could be grieving for its deceased owner. When this photo first emerged, people wanted to know more about it. Now, the details are finally out.

Here’s Why No Aquarium Has A Great White Shark

26 September 2016 0

#1 Sea World has taken some serious heat lately for whales in captivity, but have you ever wondered why aquariums aren’t able to house great white sharks? #2 Other than sharks being one of the most feared species, they actually can’t be held in an aquarium for very long the ...