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19And her map of course!

Önceki Resim
Sonraki Resim

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    Peter NguyenDecember 3, 20169:26 pm

    Awesome! Happy traveling! 😉

    Ali khanDecember 6, 20162:05 pm

    saraf bazar andansher peshwar pakistan

    evan connollyDecember 7, 20162:17 pm

    Cassandra Rocks..!! I wish I could change day jobs with her – lol 🙂
    Good Luck Cassandra..!!

    nuri abouzakharDecember 10, 20163:29 pm

    she is realy great woman

    Magnific LightDecember 11, 20166:34 pm

    Hi Cassandra. Congrats for your courage, desire, curiosity. I am also a traveler only that I do it for free and stay at 4 and 5 stars hotels. If you want this search for Magnific Light on facebook. Good luck!

    elise krentzelDecember 15, 20165:10 am

    Awesomely FABULOUS. I thought I had done a good job by 30 having been to 35 countries. You rock!


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